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ROMAN KLIS DESIGN is one of the world’s leading agencies for Brand Strategy, Branding, Packaging and POS-Design.

We are active in over 90 countries around the world. Our team comes from 21 nations. Despite all the cultural differences we all have one thing in common: We make brands successful – firmly grounded in our principles and with high demands on ourselves.


When you step into the Maldives of Design, our office in Herrenberg, you step into an oasis of design and creativity. 

Together with the Ippolito Fleitz Group and Porsche Consulting, we created an inspirational work and development place, that enhances flow and cutting-edge design thinking. With mountain fresh flowing water, over 3.000 oxygen enhancing tropical flora and fauna as well as light enhancing windows. Our new workplace enhances connectivity and interaction. By mixing sitting and standing spaces together with clam shaped exchange meeting point units, employees are able to freely circulate in an open environment which promotes cross fertilization of ideas and information.

Our offices are a beehive of activity, with cutting-edge technology that helps to drive efficiencies along with reducing tiredness and boosting productivity by over 30%. We eliminated 'nudge' distractions ensuring our teams can immerse themselves into our clients businesses and brands with focused creativity; driving our design sprints faster and further.

Our clients also regularly hold their regional and global workshops in our offices to help elevate their design thinking and inspires them to new horizons.

New Work Office Spaces
Lunch Table Creative Agency

A new Level of Working Environment and Facilitator for Creativity.

New Work Collaboration
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Lightning and Ambiance New Work

Even though we live for impeccable, beautiful design, it must be based on a strategy that is on a straight path to success.


Roman Klis DESIGN Staircase

Our green Workplace Oasis

Green plants transform our workspace into a real workplace oasis. The use of a special hydroponic planting system allowed for any kind of vertical and horizontal greenery. This greenery not only naturally reduces pollutants and creates oxygen, but it also engenders a good mood, lowers stress levels and boosts creativity for our employees.

The newly greened interior not only increased humidity from 18% to 44% and with this reduced symptoms such as dry throats, fatigue, cough and headache, but decreased the number of employee sick days by 50%.

See attached how all this came to life.

EXTRACT IN GERMAN: Re: Den Städten geht die Luft aus - Wege aus der Abgas-Krise (2019). [Report] arte, Thursday, 14.11.2019, 12:15 - 12:50 Uhr, Stefanie Fleischmann.