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With our RKD ICONIC BRAND BUILDING® process we cover every area of brand creation and development. It is the roadmap we use to reach the highest standards we set for ourselves.

Each step provides clearly defined results, which we then align with our clients in intermediate meetings. Depending on the task at hand, various strategic tools are utilized and are constantly being refined by us.

The goal always remains the same: The rapid and successful completion of our projects for the maximum success of our clients.

Our process tools

Our in-depth analysis is the foundation and leads to a shared understanding of the project’s challenges.

Brand Analysis IBB-Prozess Market People Brand

Market Mechanics

How do people, market and brand interact?

Brand Analysis IBB-Process 5-3-1-P

Brand Check

How do consumers and buyers perceive the brand?

Brand Analysis IBB-Prozess Competitors

Source of Business

Who are the primary and secondary competitors of the brand?

Brand Analysis IBB-Prozess Source of Business

Competitive Landscape

What stories and traits do the brand’s competitors possess?

Development of a coherent brand strategy, which subsequently guides the creation of the design concept. The brand identity is also created in this step.

Brand Strategy IBB-Process Positioning Values Personality

Brand Pyramid

What is the inner structure of the brand?

Brand Strategy IBB-Prozess Consistency and Flexibility

Orbit Model

How can we create a flexible brand structure in order to meet the needs of various target groups?

Brand Strategy IBB-Prozess Trends in Design

Design Trends

Which trends are relevant for the brand?

Brand Strategy IBB-Process potential new business

Brand Innovation

Identify new white spots and business opportunities to expand my brand!

We develop the verbal and visual creative concepts, taking the brand positioning and relevant trends into account. This is the foundation of the Big Idea.

Brand Concept IBB-Process 5 Senses

Brand Sensation

How can I awaken the brand identity using all 5 senses?

Brand Concept IBB-Prozess Bring Brand alive

Brand Story

How can the brand identity be brought to life using language?

Brand Concept IBB-Process Iconic Properties

Brand Properties

Which properties are unique and protectable for the brand?

Brand Concept IBB-Process Brand Touchpoints

Brand Journey

Which touchpoints can be used to transport these properties?

The Big Idea is then translated into one or more draft designs. Then, through a fine-tuning process, a final design is created that gives the brand its soul.

Brand Experience IBB-Prozess Packaging Design

Packaging Design

How does one translate the concept into an ultramodern design?

Brand Experience IBB-Prozess POS

POS Design

How do we bring the concept to life at the point of sale?

Brand Experience IBB-Prozess Corporate Design

Corporate Design

How does one create brand appearance from a brand concept?

Brand Experience IBB-Prozess Guidelines

Brand Book

How to condense the brand world and guidelines in a brand book?