Iconic Brand Building - From purposeful brand identities to immersive design experiences

The development of high-growth, profitable and sustainable "purpose-driven" brand concepts and their transformation into a relevant, distinctive and involving "brand design identity" is one of the key strategic success factors of deliberate and sustainability-oriented brand management of consumer goods brands.

Roman Klis Design's "lconic Brand Building" pursues the goal of conceptually developing and designing "Purposeful Brand ldentities" with "lmmersive Design Experiences" and consistently rolling them out across all relevant consumer and shopper touchpoints. Based on the key contextual factors such as the global social metatrends
social metatrends, the Millennial Change Transformation (Gen Y/Z), and the new normality induced by the Corona pandemic, ten global design megatrends can be derived and empirically validated. These flow into the development of the brand identity and brand experience after the strategic framework of the brand has been conceptually developed. Tools such as the 5-3-1 rule, the brand properties approach, the 5 senses model, the Orbit model and the brand journey approach are applied to the brand packaging design. In this way, it is possible to develop a brand packaging design that is "problem-solution-adequate" according to the business challenge and that is successful in the market. Finally, the new corporate and/or brand identity must be implemented holistically and cohesively across all key brand touchpoints in order to set up the brand business model in a sustainable and competitive manner and thus ensure sustainable and profitable brand success.