Nestlé – 5 Rams

Celebrating the tradition.

The challenge

5 Rams is Canton city’s 1st and favorite ice cream brand with over 60 years of heritage. Although still market leader, sales had been dwindling and the brand needed a way to keep pace and connect with an ever-changing Millennial target.

Our approach

We fused the cutting-edge designs the target sought with the heritage of respected and traditional local events. These went straight to the heart of the target and appealed to their Cantonese pride. This modern take on historical events created a topical and newsworthy limited edition that has a place in the heart of both the history of Canton and 5 Rams.

Our solution

We knew that to connect, we had to immerse ourselves in the lives of today’s Cantonese Millennial consumers. Through in-depth research with the target, we learned that whilst they were always seeking out the new new, Cantonese Millenials also sought authenticity and heritage in their Cantonese roots as antidote to today’s globalization.

Having gathered that insight, we rooted the brand back in the rich and vibrant Cantonese culture by putting traditional regional events such as the “Dragon Boat Race” to its heart.