Nestlé – 5 Rams

Connecting the Past to the Present

The Challenge

5 Rams is Canton city’s first and favorite ice cream brand with over 60 years of heritage in China. Although still market leader, sales had been dwindling and the brand needed a way to keep pace and connect with an ever-changing Millennial target group.

Our Approach

We had to immerse ourselves in the lives of today’s Cantonese Millennial consumers to truely understand the brand and connect with its target group. Through in-depth research, we learned that whilst they were always seeking out the latest trends, Cantonese Millennials also sought authenticity and heritage as their Cantonese roots are an antidote in today’s globalization.

Our Solution

Knowing that insight, we combined cutting-edge design with Chinese heritage, specifically well-respected and traditional local events. We embraced the rich and vibrant Cantonese culture by creating different 360° design icons which all had traditional events such as the “Dragon Boat Race” at heart. A unique graphical design style in combination with a vibrant use of the brand colours modernized the brand image whilst keeping its heritage alive.

This modern approach of historical events created a newsworthy limited edition for the brand and made it even more iconic. The designs went straight to the heart of the target group and appealed to Cantonese pride. As a result, brand likability increased by 24%.