The power of the ORIGINAL rekindled

The challenge

Being known as a synonym for brewed refreshment, Bionade has long been popular as an eco insider tip. After a real hype, however, the brand experienced rapid decline: While new brands pushed into the natural soft drink category, the likeable underdog had to fight against damages in its reputation due to a company takeover going along with one significant increase in price and a somehow outdated brand design.
Following this, no one  was able to restore the Original to its former strength.

Our Approach

The aim of RKD was to re-establish Bionade as a self-confident vanguard. A pioneer who once again surprises people with ground-breaking ideas and is increasingly relying on its DNA of the original. Both the strategic orientation and the visual narrative of organic should therein not be understood as niche, but as modern mainstream.

Our Solution

The “Original” is back in the relevant set of the consumer and is able to regain once again the number 1 position in the organic soft drink market.
The newly defined brand positioning and strategy match a contemporary, as well as target group-relevant design narrative. While staying highly recognizable, the new design language embodies a modern, organic world 2.0. Reduction and focus were key for the brand property refinements, which now have been brought to life as the principal performers in all brand touchpoints – for brand, packaging and communication.

While the packaging architecture is designed to be clearer, the slightly revised logo retains its prominence and strength. In addition to a handwritten typography and muted colours, a hand-drawn brushstroke look in combination with uncoated paper, brings out the true craftsmanship of Bionade.
A prominent, centred colour bar creates clear flavour differentiation and a high level of attention at the POS. The RtB "Bio” (German for organic) can also be found in an iconic manner, extracted from the Bionade logo, on the neck label.

Mate Range

Bionade continues to provide invigorating refreshment offers: With the 2020 range Pure Mate and Peach Mate, Bionade remains true to its standard as a trend-setting pioneer. Jumping off the core range design, the Mate design properties evolve to a linen structure with a typical South American pattern and thus reflects the natural character of Mate tea.


The “Diversity 2030” initiative is actively committed towards biodiversity. For the world to remain colourful, diverse and rich in species, Bionade donates 5 cents per bottle with every purchase of the special edition Bionade Elderberry to its Biodiversity Foundation.