Celebrating 125 years of Fürstenberg Premium Pilsener

The challenge

In 2020, the 125th anniversary of the iconic Premium Pilsener from the Fürstenberg brewery was celebrated in Donaueschingen. In 1895, the master brewer Josef Munz was the first to produce a Pilsener beer brewed in southern Germany. The premium Pilsener is still brewed today based this original recipe. The brewery wanted to celebrate this occasion through a limited design edition and say thank you to all beer enthusiasts.

The Idea

The idea of ​​the Limited Design Edition was to use different motifs to convey the unique and proud heritage of the brand and its origin in the south of Germany, while ensuring the premium Pilsener packaging recognition.

Our Solution

Six differing motifs of the "125 Years of Fürstenberg Pilsener" Limited Design Editions form a collage consisting of charming puns, contemporary illustrations and a color scheme that conforms to the brand’s visual identity.

On the body label of the 0.33l longneck bottle, each of these motifs stages a special aspect of the Fürstenberg heritage in an authentic and modern manner. Topics such as: BRAUKUNST “Check out the art of brewing” and iconic motifs, such as the Donaueschinger carnival Hansel, draw you into the world of this beer brand and locate it clearly in the south.