Garden Gourmet

Iconic, friendly, fresh - new design raises brand to new heights

The Challenge

Plant based and meat analogue food has been growing in consumer interest and demand, but early brands disappointed both in product taste and brand attitude. There was a real opportunity to reposition Garden Gourmet to a new generation of Flexitarians and Meat Reducers, creating new brand properties, designs and a hierarchy that connected better with the target.

Our Approach

We got consumers to take a fresh look at the brand, differentiating it to the increasing competitive set and providing a stand out brand experience at shelf, which would set Garden Gourmet apart as the iconic category leader.

The Solution

Historically, Garden Gourmet has owned the category colour green. By refreshing and vitalizing it, we brought it back in line with the emerging codes and cues in the category. On top, we introduced different shades of green and natural colour tones to differentiate the brand’s segments and premiumness levels. All pack elements have been questioned, reorganized and optimized to guarantee a perfect shopper navigation.
Most importantly, we created a new and inventive brand key visual: The Garden Gourmet Fork - a symbol derived from combining a flower and a fork, linking Garden to Gourmet visually. This iconic, friendly and fresh brand property extended from the packaging back into the full 360° to become a powerful signal of the new Garden Gourmet brand. 

The Story of the Garden Gourmet Fork

The Garden Gourmet Fork heroes the appetite and food appeal, lifting it up and dramatically placing the food at eye level to show taste superiority. We also use a composition style of real products together with illustrations to highlight naturalness and joyfulness on pack, which again emotionally connects with consumers.

From day one their entire team has been outstanding. They are a wonderful strategic partner, creative, agile and responsive. 
The project has been approached with enthusiasm, care, and a focus to deliver a best-in-class pack design for Garden Gourmet.

Inge Witteman
Senior Communication Manager Garden Gourmet