Häagen Dazs

Sustainable concept

Our challenge

Häagen Dazs has always been at the forefront of bringing new ideas to consumers to revolutionize how they enjoy and consume ice cream. But Millennial consumers are demanding more, not only do they demand more taste and intense experiences, they also are expecting companies to ensure moral consumption, caring for and protecting the future.

Our Solution

Roman Klis Design used their unique insights into the Millennials and brought Häagen Dazs together with the world famous LOOP concept, a 360 degree sustainability concept that drives uptake on recycling. But not only that, an exciting figure from Nestlé showed that 30% of Americans eat ice cream in bed! Our design team came up with a new thermo packaging idea that made it easier and more convenient to enjoy ice cream, with no cold hands due to the special designed container, which keeps the ice cream cold, but your hands warm. Now that is something we can all enjoy!

Our Approach