Maggi Middle East

The challenge

Being a mass market brand with a large and complex product portfolio, Maggi was facing challenges as it lacked natural goodness perceptions. Launching a new product innovation of a bouillon cube, which combined traditional spices with freshly selected herbs, could help address natural perceptions and gain the trust of both new and existing consumers.

Our approach

We established a design logic for Maggi ME which kept the brand’s global identity intact, but more importantly introduced relevant local design codes for freshness and naturality. We were able to ensure that the innovation would stand out in Maggi’s large yellow shelf block via an authentic visual story, at the same time visually highlighting the product’s usp.

Our solution

Co-creating with the local client, we developed a unique design which broke down the Maggi Bouillon cube into its different condiments and ingredients to drive freshness. In addition, it visualizes the richness of the traditional Arabic cuisine. Using a craft paper texture tells the story of authenticity and naturality.