Nescafé Classic

Exotic coffee designs

Our challenge

Nescafé is the 7th biggest consumer brand worldwide. Furthermore interesting key figure is that Nescafé Classic is the number one coffee brand established the world over as the iconic brand in coffee. But today’s consumers are always seeking that their brands are ahead of the curve, bringing new and fresh ideas and experiences to them that are authentic and telling the stories behind the brands.

Our Solution

Roman Klis Design came up with a limited design range that brought the exotic coffee worlds of Brazil, Mexico and Columbia fused into the Nescafe Classic range. The vivid and colourful designs brought to life the patterns and colourfields of the different Latin American countries, with the geographical shape of each country combined into the logo. The back of packs also highlighted powerful facts and information on different tastes and techniques showing how Nescafe helps local farmers harvest the coffee beans at the right time to ensure the ripest beans that deliver the freshest and richest tastes.

Our Approach