Nescafé Classic - Limited Edition

Bringing the Purpose of Nescafé to life

The Challenge

Nescafé is the world’s largest producer of naturally sourced coffee and has always been passionately involved in helping the farming community. However, the brand lost its connection with Millennials as they want brands that are not only purpose-driven, but also modern and fresh in look & feel. Roman Klis Design was therefore asked to find a way to tell the story about the good things that Nescafé is doing in the world and translate it into a design that appeals to Millennial consumers. Furthermore, coffee lovers want authentic and real coffee taste experiences – which is why a new limited edition was developed to bring all this together in one product.

The Approach

Limited editions ask for flexibility in an existing brand idenitity frame. This is why we stretched the guidelines to be in line with the new millennial target and fitting to the product's USP whilst keeping the brand identity alive. Also, we had powerful stories of the good that Nescafé was doing, but they had to be told at eye level. Therefore, we linked the purpose of Nescafé Classic to the actual consumption of the products in an approachable way versus typical corporate speak & tell.

The solution

We developed a series of limited editions that work in line with the globally recognized brand properties of Nescafé, yet bringing a fresh and modern way to engage style-conscious Millennials.  The limited edition bings alive authentic South American coffee taste experiences on the front of pack whilst the back of pack idolizes real farmers and their stories - the real heros of the Nescafé products. 
Nescafé brings new taste experiences to coffee connoisseurs and takes them on a journey to the most iconic coffee places of Brasil, Mexico or Colombia. The vivid and authentic designs are brought alive through country specific colours and patterns. Especially the playful usage of the Nescafé logo – the foam of the coffee represents the map of corresponding country - shows how flexibility within a frame works whilst keeping the brand identity alive. 

Brand Purpose

Telling the purposeful story of Nescafé on the back of pack, we managed to transform the way the brand communicates from corporate to product level, linking its purpose with consumption in an approachable way. Embedded in an authentic and lively storytelling, the purpose of Nescafé now connects with the Millennial target.