Nesquik® All Natural

Sustainability Approach revolutionizes an Icon

The Challenge

Facing consumer concerns with both sugar-based products and plastic packaging, Nesquik® was rapidly losing brand appeal and consideration. In order to re-connect with the target and cater for their needs, the idea was to launch a 360° sustainable product range. 

Our Approach

We knew that behavioral change must be inspired not told. To implement a targeted approach to brand design, we deeply analyzed relevant cultural mega trends for the brand and translated them into design trends. To connect with demanding Millennial Mums and their kids alike, we needed to tell a story of Natural Goodness. 

The Solution

We implemented an entirely new benefit platform within the Nesquik® brand architecture: Nesquik® All Natural. To convey the new sub brand’s story of sustainability and naturality, we created a human and friendly tone of voice that encourages recycling in a supportive and natural way versus lecturing and demanding. According to the design trend "be open, honest and transparent", we not only talked about the origin and the naturality of the ingredients, but also highlighted the packaging's sustainability approach verbally and visually. In addition, we created a most sustainable interpretation of the iconic brand properties of Nesquik® that turned mums from gatekeepers to advocates.

Nesquik® All Natural is a starting point for Nestlé's commitment to offer more natural, sustainable and nutritious choices while maintaining a great taste experience, that people know and love.


The recyclable paper pouch is the first of its kind, one of our key initiatives towards providing more sustainable packaging across our product portfolio.

Yasser AbdulMalak
Head of Dairy Europe, Middle East and North Africa