Nesquik All Natural

A new range with sustainability at its core.

The challenge

Born as Nestlé QUICK back in 1948, Nesquik evolved to become a global icon on families’ breakfast tables around the world. Nevertheless, an ever-increasing range of sku extensions had diluted the brand’s core equity of fun & health. Also, the brand’s design was perceived to be lacking naturalness and authenticity by Millennials.

Our approach

To reinvigorate Nesquik we implemented a more targeted approach to brand design. We assigned a clear role to the brand and each of its individual product ranges, staying focused on the goal of bringing fun to healthy categories. In addition, we managed to extend the brand into a teens target group whilst staying a true family brand.

Our solution

Based on Kantar need states, we set up a clear brand architecture which segments the brand according to families’ needs. We contemporized the iconic Nesquik design language in the brand’s core, translating this approach into different categories by defining unifiers and differentiators tailored to different target group preferences.