Nestlé – NIDO

Connecting a global Brand with the Millennial Mum

The Challenge

Whilst Nido highly indexes against new mums, the market penetration dropped when children entered a new development stage. There was a key opportunity to strengthen the business by making Nido relevant to later child development stages. Furthermore, new mums were also critical as the brand imagery was perceived as being outdated and lacking authenticity and shop-ability.

Our Approach

Research identified a unique insight that Nido could move from helping mums in nourishing their children to a more emotional approach; one of lifting the nurturing through a lens of loving development and leveraging this across the whole development cycle. The current packaging needed to highlight a harmonious relationship between NIDO, moms and kids. We wanted to create an ecosystem that brought all three parties together in one journey.

The Solution

As a result, we developed a new range brand portfolio architecture which directly links to the children's development progress. Furthermore, the designs change the role of the mum from a decision maker in infant years to an influencer up to school age. The use of a ribbon and a heart element created a unique design language for Nido. The ribbon connotes the story of the child’s development journey while the heart element connects all packaging. The full packaging is set in Nido's light, yet warm yellow colourfield and the rejuvenated design caters for an easy shop-ability across different ranges and products at the POS.
The new design makes the whole Nido ecosystem work as a tight unit, like a family should do.