Ritter Sport

V FOR VEGAN – How to stand-out on Shelf

The Challenge

A vegan lifestyle becomes increasingly popular, especially among Millennials. The Ritter Sport Vegan range is considered to be the best tasting vegan chocolate on shelf, however, it has failed to win over the hearts of its audience. Especially the prominent "V" element was perceived as cold and technical. Overall, the range was missing an emotional connection that Millennials in particular are looking for.

The Approach

For our design approach we utilized the existing "V" and transferred it into a widely visible, non-verbal key visual, reflecting the concept of great tasting vegan chocolate. Furthermore, we contemporized the overall design to engage with the Millennials' top desire for new taste adventures.

The Solution

Directly linking the non-verbal key visual "V" via ingredients and colour codes to a specific flavour, created a unique and impactful range on shelf. Using a matt film for the packaging material additionally fitted to vital vegan category codes. 
As a result, the vegan line became a unique range with best-in-class visibility in a physical as well as digital shopper environment. It is today the clear winner with the Millennial target and a lighthouse SKU in Ritter Sport communication campaigns.