Snack Time becomes anytime Experience

The Challange

Seeberger, Germany’s best-known brand for healthy snacking, is selling products from a variety of segments. Before its relaunch, the brand was lacking a story and a natural appeal. In addition, an overly uniform approach to brand design made the growing portfolio increasingly hard to navigate and comprehend at the POS.

Our Approach

We carved out the truth about the provenance of Seeberger from the heart of the valley and translated it into a unique visual identity building on the brand’s simplicity and honesty. In addition, we developed a new way of organizing the brand according to consumer need states and occasions versus products.

Our Solution

We brought the positioning of Seeberger to life by anchoring their story in the “Seeberger Valley”- an aspirational place all about nature, health and activity. Following the logic of our brand architecture model we created brand unifiers and segment differentiators to manage the tremendous complexity of the brand’s 90+ SKU portfolio.