Teekanne - Organics

Unleashing digital Brand Buzz

The Challenge

Today’s consumers blend their online and offline worlds in seamless ways, challenging brands to keep up. Teekanne – the worldwide fifth biggest tea bag producing company rooted in Germany – already communicated to Millennials, but within their existing portfolio, they anticipated that they could someday fall behind in connecting with Millennials and their hyperconnected world. The biggest risk for the brand represented especially new innovative brands which were just entering the category and which started to get on Millennial’s radars through digital and chat. 

Our Approach

A great chance for the brand was to built on its existing quality proposition, but to create a subrange that brings in millennial design codes and is built upon a product benefit Millennials are longing for – organic products. The new Organics range therefore was to bring new impulses to the shelf, but also to create brand buzz for the digital screen.

The Solution

Idolizing the brand property of the teapot from Teekanne’s original logo plays a central role in the new Organics line. The teapot creates a design hub in the hot zone of the packaging and contemporizes it through a unique and artistic brush technique in combination with watercolour illustrations. A subdued, natural colour scheme underlines the natural taste and positive character of the eleven flavor variants. 
The overall simplicity of the new design language nurtures Millennials’ stylistics while restoring Teekanne’s heritage and consumers quality expectations at the same time. The designs communicate in a fresh and upfront manner and clearly distinguish themselves from the main line. 

We helped Teekanne to create a cool, “insta-friendly” design language which people fall in love with – at the POS, but also in a digital environment. The designs created digital buzz and did put Teekanne at the heart of the conversation.

The Organics range was able to record disproportionate growth in the lifestyle tea market and is reaching new buyers for the brand Teekanne. The range has become the strongest lifestyle brand in the food retail sector and thus one of the strongest drivers in the segment.* In addition, the range of buyers for Teekanne expanded from 37.2% to 44% from 2018 to 2020.*

*Source: Nielsen sales MAT 48/2020


Besides their enormous experience and knowledge about trends in domestic and foreign food categories, it was impressive how RKD invigorated our brand and its specific assets through a strategic positioning process. Combined with a very creative digital design solution this project has got the potential to become a milestone in the development of our brand.

Jesper Petersen
Head of Marketing, PR and Sales at Teekanne