Creating Success

As one of the world’s leading brand design and product experience agencies, our work has built successful brands across the world.

Our North Star is "Creating Success". This means everything we do needs to be both, leading edge in creative and successful in selling our client's brands.

A deep understanding of the category and solid strategic rigour build the foundations to power creativity and ultimately the success of the brand.

Our global reach into over 30 countries across the world, un-rivalled industry expertise and our client relations which are 5 x longer than the industry average are testament to the success of the brands we have built.

We are the challenging optimist

We challenge ourselves everyday to make a better future for our client`s brands and businesses. The Challenging Optimist is embedded in our behavior and finds expression in our "Juhu-Spirit". 

We know that a better future belongs to those that are optimistic about the art of the possible. We have a can do attitude that runs through how we think and act and is reflected in the spirit of our work.

Every year we work for over 160 clients around the globe. Here are some of the brands!

RKD around the world

Founded in 1995 in the south of Germany, we still call Herrenberg our Homebase. Meanwhile we are over 100 employees with offcies in Hamburg & Istanbul and shortly also in the US & Singapore.