Schwan’s – Freschetta Pizza

Delivering a kitchen-fresh Approach in 360°

Our challenge

The frozen pizza market is highly competitive. The target groups want to enjoy their pizzas as conveniently as possible but with quality, sustainability and a natural feel. These benefits have to be communicated in the brand’s new positioning.

Our Approach

Analyzing the market and the consumer insights, we knew we had to completely revolutionize the existing brand design. Furthermore, as American consumers highly value the pizza's crust, we not only had to think about variant, but also about crust differentiators that stand out at shelf.

Our solution

A completely new brand concept paired with a new logo and new visual elements like handwriting and fresh ingredients ensure an authentic and natural identity for the brand. A 360° storytelling design strengthens the authentic freshness character of the pizza. Unique crust differentiators and a kitchen fresh appearance help the product to clearly stick out against competitors at the POS.