Jam Jam by Hero

Sweetening the Life of Millennials

Creative jam brand design

The challenge

No real innovations entered the jam market recently. On top of that, existing buyers were getting older and manufacturers had to contend with loss in sales. The company Hero also strongly felt this and decided to break new ground: they asked millennials what they really want.

Our Approach

To be relevant for millennials, the design concepts were aligned towards the driver of "pleasure & indulgence". Over a hundred millennials, including Swiss food influencers, voted on varieties, recipes, naming and packaging design via a crowd-testing breakfast event.

Our Solution

JAM JAM is the first jam that was developed directly together with its consumers. As a result of this, each flavour variant contains an individual amount of fruit. Real appetite appeal paired with charming illustrations sets itself apart from a black chalkboard background and emphasize the playful and cheeky character of each flavour. 
The overall brand design celebrates the products as little moments of happiness in everyday life. Both the brand claim “make hay whilst the sun shines” and the variety names of Happy Apricot, Sunny Strawberry, Lovely Raspberry and Charming Cherry underline the pure pleasure aspect of the products.

The result is an innovative jam concept that impresses millennials both at the POS and in the digital world. JAM JAM has helped the Hero Group to massively rejuvenate its clientele.

Crowdsourcing - When Life gives you lemons ... pleasure and fun millennial design
Millennial Design Breakfast Spread Packaging

Image Film by SiR MaRY